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Mouser Inc. is proudly family-owned and has over 30 years of experience; ranging from home building, insurance restoration, general construction, land development, construction management, as well as consulting. Our reputation in the industry is second-to-none. We carry traditional values, unparalleled work ethic, and stand behind our work. Our employee base is qualified, and has grown with the company over the years. Mouser Inc. has a wide-range of clients, including commercial, financial institutions, retailers, multifamily home complex, and private home construction.

Rest assure we have the experience, skills, and financial resources to complete your project regardless of the size or complexity.

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What People Have Said
  • I've never dealt with anyone better when it came to replacing my old deck. It took 2 days to finish it. These guys are professional.

    — George; Raleigh, NC.

  • We were impressed by what these guys could do. They offered an affordable and accurate estimate, and completed the project beyond our expectations.

    — Ben K; Clayton, NC.